More exciting news!  The mural painted by Alex Witcombe, a highly regarded, local artist, is now lit thanks to the City’s Downtown Small Initiatives Progrm. The lighting not only showcases the beautiful, intricate details of the mural but also addresses safety concerns at  this otherwise dark corner.

The Downtown Business Improvement Association (BIA), the City of Campbell River, property owner Dawn McLean, Discovery Community College owner Lois McNestry and Alex formed a dynamic partnership to make the mural a reality.

This art work adds immeasurably to the newly named Cultural District and to the City’s Downtown Revitalization vision.

A wide variety of subjects are compositionally posed around a young girl who is drawing her dreams.  In this dreamscape, the intertwined and connected subjects flow together in a harmony of colour, movement and depth. The subject matter includes images contributed from the wealth of photographic documentation of Campbell River’s culture by many Campbell River professional and amateur photographers.  These subjects are altered and manipulated to both fit in and accenuate the mysterious and visually compelling landscape of the dream. 

A three-dimensional technique was employed to both satisfy requests of the property owners to keep the brickwork (historical significance) intact and to assist in making the foreground subject matter ‘leap’ out of the background. The young girl, the swan, the dog and other selected foreground subjects are painted on cut- out panels and attached to the wall.

The muralized brickwork in the mid and background are accentuated in certain areas to call attention to it as a supporting conceptual device.  Certain bricks in the colour field are highlighted by adjusting the tone or colour.  This supporting conceptual device suggests the sub-theme of how a community’s culture is built, ie: brick by brick.

 “I knew I could deliver a visual that the people of Campbell River would be proud of for many years to come”.

Thanks to Photo Tech Fotosource, we have tracked Alex’s progress with a webcam set up across the street at Baan Thai.

An official presentation of the mural took place on Tuesday, November 14th at noon.